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About Renea

Renea Mackie has spent over a decade working with kids and teens in the tech and innovation space. She is a co-creator of the Creative Forest Innovation System – a practice that utilizes the skills and talents of communities to achieve common and individual goals.

Renea has always loved creative, imaginative projects and in 2023 decided to turn her attention to one of her lifelong passions – children’s books. As a curious child who loved asking questions, exploring new topics and ideas, and magical, colorful worlds, Renea wanted to create books to inspire conversations and ideas. Her Donk Le Ponk de Clompity Clomp book series is centered around a world-famous artist who also happens to be a Donkey. The series explores what it means to be creative and how we can find inspiration. The first book is complete and Renea is currently working on the next exciting installment.

Renea’s second book series follows the escapades of Tonkil, a mischievous yet loveable character trying to navigate his way through the tumultuous pathway of childhood.

Renea lives in Canterbury, New Zealand, with her husband Paul, and her son Matteo.

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